Why Us

Though IMA National Health Scheme is not an insurance firm. Our services are more prompt and incomparable. Our scheme is meant to help our members to meet the needs of hospitalisation and investigations. Rules and regulations are coined to suit the needs of members, and are amenable to amendments if need arises. Now upper limit of reimbursement is 2 lakhs. IMA NHS works on the principle of mutual benefit among our members and family. Yearly payment is low when compared to insurance companies. All the major diseases are included in the scheme and the scrutinising committee and managing committee have the power to include more, as need arises, from time to time.

IMA member, their spouse, parents and children can become members provided they are below 80 years of age. Advance Financial Assistance Contribution (AFAC) and Annual Subscription fees (AS) are to be paid every year. Notice shall be sent in time every year. There will be no screening for admission to the scheme.

Original bills shall be sent back if photocopies and sufficiently stamped and addressed envelope is send along with the claim. Originals can be sent back to the member the very next day of receiving the documents at the office. This is a tailor made scheme for IMA Members and their families.

At A Glance
  1. In IMANHS there is no escalation of annual premium amount even if the age progresses to the next slab for that particular insured amount. For example a person joining the scheme at the age of 24 years, will be paying the same amount of Rs.3000/- as renewal fee per annum for an upper limit of 2 lakhs, even if his age passes on to the next slab.
  2. All pre-existing diseases are covered.
  3. No screening test required.
  4. You can join up till the age of 80 years.
  5. Immediate relatives of life members of IMA can join.
  6. Original bills are returned at request, and hence can be utilised for other insurance schemes.
  7. More than an insurance company IMANHS exist for the medical fraternity and its family.